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After doing a lot of research on past threads, I noticed that those who received regular acceptance in June often saw a green check-mark beside their application status on the student.uwo.ca website BEFORE they got the official email. Usually no more than a day before, though.


Does anyone here have experience with early acceptance from Western that saw the green check-mark prior to receiving early acceptance?


I know it's kind of a shot in the dark because most people who got accepted probably don't visit this site anymore...but I figured there was no harm in asking.

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lol he's trolling for sure.


i checked uwo studentcentre website. i'm from uwo.





Incomplete Offered Admission Accepted Offer Not Offered Admission





My Applications

Professional Schulich Sch of Med & Dent (D) W 2010 Offered Admission Admissions Committee Accept or Decline

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