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Go Overseas or Masters

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Hi everyone,


I was hoping I could get some input from anyone willing...


If one had the choice of going to an accredited medical school in Poland (Poznan for example) with the intention of doing residency back in Canada...or obtaining masters in an area of interest or 'extra year' and apply to meds the following year. What would be better in your opinion.


I am interested in both research and psychiatry so its a tough decision.


Thanks to all

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Yes an IP...I am writing the mcat september 2nd... and I am still going into my fourth year ...so i should have a 3.6 GPA for 4 years...undergrad thesis research experience...year 2 and 3 are my lowest gpa...


year 1: 3.8

yr 2: 3.57 (i think)

3: 3.12 (soo horrible lol)

4: 3.9 - 4.0 expected


I kno if i do well on mcat I can get an interview at western... so im aiming for that. mY volunteer and ECs are average.... so if i dont get in ILl prob just do a masters (someting to fall back on atleast) and work on my ECs...I would go to Poland bc I have family there but im just worried about the residency match which I researched was low (like 20%) for IMGs and in the US like 47%. But the canadian residencies didnt give me much info on the # of IMG applicants to psych who got in...

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