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What do you want to specialize in and why?


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Well, many things change, but if I were applying for CaRMS right now, I would be most interested in:


a) Pediatrics (hopefully leading into a fellowship in pediatric oncology)

-I love working with kids, and I feel like this is an area that needs a lot of compassion and patience, things I have a lot of (especially with my 12 or so years of experience working with kids)


B) Neurosurgery

-I work with one of the best in the world, and it is amazing what he can do


c) Neurology / Physiatry

-I really like the rehab side of medicine, and it would be great to be a leader in a healthcare team

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You people are crazy. Though I suppose that is a good quality in a future neurosurgeon, since I can't think of any sane person who would take on that lifestyle. That, and the kidney? Really? They are inscrutable and complicated.


As for myself, we'll see next year during clerkship. In no particular order (for the moment):


1. General Surgery - if I can manage the mornings...

2. Internal Medicine - I can see myself as being pretty satisfied with something procedure-oriented (GI, cardio). I'll stick Neuro in here too even though it's a separate program and not so "curative" in nature.

3. Anesthesia/Intensive Medicine - I'm still not sure if I'd be happy with anesthesia, but I'd combine it with ICU.

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IM/FM/EM...can't decide which yet. Or maybe none of the above if I find something else I like more in clerkship. I feel like this is a ridiculous question to be asked by family/friends before you've been exposed to your cores and maybe even some electives.

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amazing cartoon haha.


Okay this seems really weird to do, when I'm not even in med school, but here goes, in no order really ;)


1. psychiatry (I know, the fake doctors, anyone read the article in MacLeans?)

-have a really close family friend who was one, and he does child psychiatry, loves his work and he has been an amazing person to talk to

2. paediatrics

3. maybe maybe family medicine. not sure.


Really, guess I'm not sure about any of this. Need some actual exposure :D

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Ortho - sports med

personal experience with, see myself doing the same thing


Cardio - sports med

Neuro - sports med


most NFL teams have a Neuro and Cardio on the sidelines during a game, it be interesting to work in the environment (or with any sports team for that matter)

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