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So I read that the post interview score is 25% GPA 25% MCAT and 50% interview.


Does that mean that after the interview they look at cumultative GPA?


Similarly we have no idea how exactly they use the mcat post interview either - does WS count? If so how is it converted to a number? For the other sections are all categories considered equal? Overall is your score scaled, ranked, ...... ???


Even that formula (25/25/50) in general is not officially verified and suggest to change - although you are right in the past we do know that was what was used :)


In terms of GPA I suspect they only ever use the gpa from your best two years (this is my opinion though) as it doesn't make conceptual sense to recruit from best two years only to expand it afterwards. Also from some people who got accepted in the past this seems to be bear this out (ie I know several people with horrible overal gpas, who bombed their first two years, failed classes etc and yet worked very hard and pulled up their last two years to solid gpa levels and got in with good but not amazing mcats.)

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