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Physiotherapy and then Medical School


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Hello Everyone,


Has anyone heard of individuals doing this?


I am very interested in applying to medical school (for the second time) and unfortunately do NOT have an appropriate grade point average to do so.


I need some way to pull it up and am thinking of taking my masters in physiotherapy and then perhaps applying?


Plus an added bonus would be if I completely fell in love with physio and decided it was the career I wanted to pursue!


Anything on this topic would help!



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Is your GPA high enough to get into physio?


But if you really wanna pursue medicine, you may want to do another year/two of undergrad to get your GPA up


I was contemplating PT, OT, SLP, clinical psych and teaching before I decided that I really wanted medicine. Got into all of them, turned them down to take a year off and got into medicine this year.

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