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GPA confusion

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Hey guys, after conducting a search I'm still confused and was hoping to get some clarification from someone at Dal or someone who has asked the adcom before.


My question is: Does the GPA cutoff (for OOP therefore 3.7) need to be met for EACH of the last two years? Reading their description it seems like it, but I've read many people on this forum saying its the average of the last two consecutive years.


I ask because heres my situation:


3rd year - 3.7+

4th year- just below 3.7


The average of these two years however is 3.7+



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That's how it was done this year. I can't make any promises for the future, plus it's difficult to know if you're counting your GPA correctly because it is converted to the OMSAS scale, but it should be fine for meeting the cut-offs.

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