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Need help with 4th year course selection (university of western ontario)

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Hi everyone


I'm going into 4th year of my BMSc honor specialization in Pathology and toxicology at UWO.


1. I need to satisfy the category A requirement to graduate, is there an any bird courses or at least courses that will give me a good mark if I do the readings and what not? kind of like the easier classics courses? I prefer two half courses because it's more flexible on my time table but any course will do. Just a reminder of what courses I'm talking about it's




Social Science

Anthropology, Economics, Dimensions of Leadership, First Nations Studies, Geography, History, International Relations, Management and Organizational Studies (formerly Administrative and Commercial Studies), Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Women's Studies


Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary

American Studies, Childhood and Social Institutions (formerly Childhood and Family Relations), Dance, Education, Family Studies, Health Sciences, Interdisciplinary Studies, Centre for Global Studies (formerly International and Comparative Studies; Modern Eastern Civilizations), Kinesiology, Linguistics, Media and the Public Interest, Media, Information and Technoculture, Nursing, Rehabilitation Sciences, Social Justice and Peace Studies*



Business Administration, Foods and Nutrition, Human Ecology, Law, Music, Social Work, Thanatology"



2. I really need help choosing a pharmacology course because there are so many. I know 4th year courses are never easy but which ones are easier relatively (maybe the prof is good, the exams are straightforward or it's really interesting). The course requirements I'm refering to is:

"1.0 course from: Medical Sciences 4100F/G, Pharmacology 4320A/B, 4360A/B, 4380A/B, 4430A/B, 4540A/B, 4620A, 4630A, 4660A/B, or the former Pharmacology and Toxicology 442a/b, 460a/b, the former Pathology 3900F/G"

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Hey psychology 1000 is pretty much an 80+ if you keep up with readings, thats all I know about category A, when did you do your category B and what did you take?


I suggest classics 2300 with Prof. Lamari (he's awesome) hands down. I got a 93 and all I did was the readings. It's basically about gladiators, the ancient Olympics which I found fascinating anyways. hope that helps. As for psych 1000, a 4th year taking a 1st year class would look pretty bad I assume... I already have 5.5 credits (or 33 credit hours) of first year courses, which is a half year course more than I should have

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