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I got into the applied biology program at UBC and I am wondering whether to go or not. I am a US student jst finishing my second year of university. I was wondering:


1) How is the curriculum for Biology vs. Applied Biology for second year students there? I was told that they are very similar. I didn't get into the biology program but was told that I can transfer into it in my third year.


2) How rigourous is it? Is it hard to do really well (I know this is a very ambiguous question and a lot of it is on my study skills etc, im asking in general)?


3) How hard is it to make new friends and build a good social network as a transfer student since most ppl would have known each other for a while there (again I know this is relies on how outgoing i am etc) but jst in general?

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There are quite a few (at least 10 I bet?) majors under BIOLOGY in ubc. such as general biology, biology, cell and genetics ect. Some are hard with intense curriculum and some are relatively easier. Usually general science is not hard, but you pretty much have no major if you do general science. More specialized majors tend to be harder.


About making frds. ya you need to be prepared to have a period of time for adjustment. What I find interesting is usually majors with more students tend to be harder to make frds or to know people, whereas with less students in a major, it is easier to know others. But most of the time, major with less students tend to be harder to get high marks.


Thats my feeling at ubc. good luck.

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