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Newbie MCAT question


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I'm a freshman university student who plans to apply in medical schools when I graduate.


I'm not really sure about the depth of the MCAT exam. For the physical and biological sciences, does it cover everything before and including the university level? Or does it cover Collegial (for Quebec students) or high school level of material?


Thanks for the answer:D

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I am not sure about Quebec, but yes, the MCAT covers essentially all 1st / 2nd year science classes (except math and stats). Your real focus should be on grade 12 chemistry, 1st year inorganic chemistry, 2nd year organic chemistry, 1st year non-calc physics, and 1st year general biology. Other courses that would help include 2nd year cell-biology, 2nd or 3rd year biochemistry, 2nd year genetics and a few 4th year biology courses to help develop critical thinking ability (i.e., molecular endocrinology, animal physiology, chemical spectroscopy, molecular genetics/cell biology, etc...). A first year english course in academic reading and writing would help (a bit) for verbal reasoning and the writing sample...although you only get really strong in VR with TONES and TONES of practice....


Good luck with you goals!


-Matt (MCAT instructor for Prep101)

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