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I know that this is a topic that has been discussed before, but I'm having a hard time finding the answer to the specific question I'm asking...


I know that when you are applying to medical school, course pre-requisites must be completed by the end of the winter term of the application year, they can't be taken as summer courses...


I also know that in general, part time schooling isn't always included in the calculation of the application GPA.


So, my question is, whether or not the summer schooling I'm taking now (3 courses) will affect the application GPA I get come September.


The reason I ask is because I killed myself in my third year to get a certain degree of academic excellence... but while I only have 3 courses, one is a lab course (third year chemical engineering course where 75 percent of the marks are from 30-40 page labs... boooo) which I doubt I will do exceptionally in, another is a law and ethics course for engineers, which could go well, and the last one is a course in Phase Equilibria, a sequel to a thermodynamics course that I haven't taken yet... To top that off, I'm supposed to be working full time with an NSERC grant on a chemical engineering research project in thermodynamics... So I doubt this semester will be all that great... (not to mention... who can work in the summer? I have no drive at all... I can kill myself through the fall and winter, but only because I have summer to look forward to).



Or am I just over reacting/worrying too much? I figure the worst I could do is like... A-s... maybe 1 B+... but I've lost sight of how good is good enough... I've only been aiming for perfect and being disappointed with anything less...


Random info:

Just finished my 3rd year chem eng At uOttawa

3rd year marks

8 A+s, 4 As

2nd year marks

5 A+s, 3 As and 1 B+ (B+ is orgo 2... booo, and I know it was only 9 courses... not hot)

1st year marks

3 A+s, 3 As, 2 A-s, 2 B+s and a P (pass, there were issues with the grading, so I appealed and had the mark converted to a pass...) (B+s were in Orgo 1 and a philosphy class that I overthought)

Wrote my mcat on the 22nd of May, it went ok considering a recent breakup

Hoping to apply to every school in Ontario, and maybe a few outside

ECs are kind of lacking for this year except for NSERC, last year I went to South Africa for a month, and the year before I did HIV related work and went to the International AIDS conference in Mexico city

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