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Vamp hysteria

What is your kind of vamp?  

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  1. 1. What is your kind of vamp?

    • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    • Angel
    • The Vampire Diaries
    • True Blood
    • Twilight
    • Old school/classic vamp stuff like Dracula
    • Other?
    • None of the above - I have a fetish for werewolves!

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Ok so just curious whether people on this forum are into vampire related stuff. I personally love True Blood as its awesome, but despise lame crap (ie. Twilight)...apparently there is some new show coming out that is like Desperate Housewives except with vampires...that's right...suburbian vamps...now that will be a disaster.


This is obviously just for fun - no need to get your panties in a knot because it is not med related.

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Considering Twilight's popularity, I predict the above will be a galaxy-wide, Milky Way rending, resounding success.


Haha oh I am sure it will be successful...a successful disaster! Although I am not going to lie I may sneak a peak at the pilot to see exactly what it is all about.


Oh and yes sorry to all of you Anne Rice fans I did not even think of her oddly...and also Blade etc...so all of these do fall under "other"!

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I don't particularly like vampire movies. I did enjoy Salem's Lot, however, so I'll go with that kind of vampire, whichever it would qualify as (I guess the Dracula-style).




Gay vampires, gotcha.


LOL--gay or not, they're hot. And I actually READ the books before watching the movie. Actually, I read all her other series too...I really did enjoy her work.

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I wish I could express the extent to which I dislike Twilight hahaha

I actually read all 4 books just to prove to my friends that Harry Potter is better :)

I like ACTUAL vampire stories/movies though (ones where vampires don't sparkle and make hybrid children) lol

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Hmm I dunno, I don't really LIKE vampires to be honest, but I think that's because I've never really read anything radical enough to change my mind


I love fantasy immensely -my fav genre- but when it comes to vamps i prefwr them as baddies.

I loved sunshine by robin McKinley (and even in that there was basically only one "good" vamp) and the Mercedes Thompson series by patricia Briggs (very few nice vamps in that story ..) but most of fav books feature vamps twisted/ bloodcrazy etc by nature.


But I guess the one exception I will ever make will be for spike cuz he is just too hot

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