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I am a new member of this forum. I know it is kind of late to join since i am entering my final year of my undergraduate. There are lots of problems of my status that have been bothering me. I am unsure of what I should do and what are the schools i should apply. I am the type of person that worries a lot =S , it is definitely not a good trait. I wish to get some guidance from my peers and people who has definitely been through this whole process of applying to meds. I would really appreciate it =)


My current status isn't really good. My first undergraduate did not go so well, I worked really hard and did not overcome the gap difference between high school and university. Here's my story:




1st year : cGPA = 2.25 ( i did do some summer courses in another university and recieved 70s but they were just counted as a transfer credit)


2nd year: cGPA= Annual GPA 2.60 Cumulative GPA 2.43


(>100 hours of volunteering in total for almost 2 years)

- started volunteering in a hospital and did 4hrs/week. I worked as an assistant for the special pregnancy program and did filing

- switched to working in the nursing unit (I do beds, file, refill things, talk to nurses and patients) for 3 months

- worked blood lab and just organize samples for another 3 months

- translators for patients


3rd year: Annual GPA 3.48; cGPA 2.84 (my 2nd semester i got a 3.65 semester GPA)


- i am currently researching in a dermatology laboratory and working on my own project. I might do a presentation on for the department.

- i am studying for my MCAT (aug 10, 2010)



Questions i have:

1) Should I do a fifth year or retake some courses that are pulling my GPA down. ( i would have to see myself taking some dreadful courses in first year)


2) I know i am kind of late to apply for American Medical Schools , I was wondering if any of you know if there are medical schools that only look at the last two years of the undergraduate?


3) Should i consider graduate program and study for my GRE this coming fourth year? I do also wish to get into physical therapy if I don't get into meds after my undergraduate.


4) I haven't taken my humanities course credit yet but i will eventually. What are some humanities courses that would satisfy most of the medical school requirements?


5) what am i still lacking for my ECs? I am looking foward to get some physician shadowing this coming fourth year. I am looking forward to get some of my first few reference letters this year ( i know it is kind of late ). What else do I need to do? I need some guidance =)



I have basically lost faith after my first year and got really discouraged by it. This caused me to do average on my second year. However, after multiple encouragements from my peers, i have picked up my bad habits of studying and tried really hard for my third year. I try to open up with options. It is just that somehow, I thought doing a 5th year would help me to get into some of the U.S. Allopathic Schools. In the end, I want to get into one of those schools so I can specialize in Dermatology or OB/GYN =S . Osteopathic schools only allow you to do so much. As for SMP, I find that it is a very expensive program that it may not even get me into allopathic schools even if i do them. I'll try to keep an open mind for now and just focus on my research job and MCAT =) Please help me Thanks for reading and bearing with the long post.

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