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Admissions want a high GPA so they know applicants can handle the...

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rigors of dental school.


So... is that true? Do dental students feel that undergrad prepared them for dental school?


This might be a dumb question, but is dental school harder than undergrad, or about the same? Seeing as you have to work hard to attain a high GPA in undergrad... just wondering if it's even harder to pass dental school with the same amount of effort as it took to do well in undergrad...

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- For me dental school has been MUCH easier.


- I still put in tons of time studying and lots of time in the preclinic lab, but the stress level has been significantly lowered for a few reasons:


- All you have to do is pass each class, so if you do poorly on an exam, you don't worry about it at all and just move on to the next one.


- Much of the information is important to your future career so its interesting, and spending extra time studying it isn't so bad.


- The information isn't really mind bending stuff, so it isn't too difficult to figure it out.


- You don't have to worry about getting into dental school anymore!

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