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Looking for a document posted before about different types of doctor

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Hey all,


So I have been really thinking about the different kinds of doctors out there, what they do, and what their quality of life is.


I remember seeing a while ago on these boards a pdf file (or maybe a bunch of pdf files) on the different medical specialties. It included their salary's, if they were satisfied with their pay, if they liked their specialties, if they had to sacrifice family time, etc., and it gave lots of exact percentages and other goodness. It was very professional looking, and might have been CMA? Or OMA? In any case, it was Canadian.


In a way, it was similar to this http://www.facmed.utoronto.ca/Assets...dRes_Guide.pdf

document, but was more serious/detailed, and was less aimed at medical students.


If anyone could help with this it would be great! Its something Ive been really interested in this summer while im waiting around for August to start!

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^ I know exactly what you mean. I remember that some time ago there was a post on a book to read before writing the MCAT to help generate WS ideas (it was basically a brief up to date history of global events), and for the life of me I can't find reference to it anywhere now. :P

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