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What do you think UWO's GPA cutoff will be next year?

Do you think the GPA cutoff will increase?  

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  1. 1. Do you think the GPA cutoff will increase?

    • No, it will stay the same (3.70)
    • Yes, it will increase to 3.75
    • Yes, it will increase to >3.75
    • No, it will decrease

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Guest postman

If they keep the 11 verbal MCAT cutoff, they will likely keep the 3.70 GPA cutoff as well. This combination only yielded 430 interviews this year. If they keep VR at 11 and increase the GPA cutoff as well they will have even fewer interview offers. Perhaps they'll raise the GPA cutoff to 3.75 and decrease the VR cutoff to 10 again. Of course it all depends on the next applicant cohort...

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First, the generic answer that you don't want to hear: nobody (including admissions folk) can guess what the cut-offs will be for future cycles. That said, it seems that the cut-off combination of 3.70 GPA + 10/10/10 MCAT is likely a thing of the past. Two years ago we saw a 3.75 GPA, and this year an 11 VR. It seems that there needs to be at least one higher bar to trim down the applicant pool these days.

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