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back up plan after MSc?

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IT's that time of the year.

I tried MSc, and I can't say I love it. I know I can't get stellar LOR from my supervisor, because my experience with him have been very dramatic


IT was really bad to the point, where I was bawling and admitting that I couldn't do it and considered another supervisor in the same department, but I sucked it up in the end.


I honestly don't know where I can get good LOR, although I have done crazy EC, I have never closely worked with coordinator, so they don't know my performance directly and haven't really had a chance to interact with them either.


Seems like lot of MSc students are considering and dentistry as a second backup to meds. What are your thoughts non-trads?


I would consider pharmacy, because it is considerably easy to get into, but I haven't done physical chem and I really don't want to take undergrad course *sigh*

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I'm sorry you're having a difficult time in grad school. Why not ask some of your undergrad profs or other profs you have done research with? If you do decide to ask your current supervisor, make sure you ask in a way that your he/she can refuse easily...no one wants to write a sub-par ref letter and no one want to recieve one.


As for post-grad, I am starting an MSc where I could walk into a cozy job afterwards that pays reasonably well. That being said, I think it would be an incredibly boring desk job so I have thought of alternatives.


Completing a doctoral degree is one idea. Sure, its another 4 years of school but if you love school, why not? It seems like you may want to switch programs/schools however since you're clearly not happy with your current situation.


Other options might be: Michener institute in Toronto (radiation therapy, chiroprody, etc), Optometry, Physical or Occupational Therapy, Chiropractics, or speech therapy.

You might also consider US med schools, DO schools, and physician assistant schools.


Things like dentistry and veterinary don't seem like good backups...I've heard they are almost as difficult to get into as med.

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