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Advice on # of schools to apply and DAT

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Hi there,


I really want to be a dentist and I am wondering what a "safe" number of schools would be to apply to.


Here are my stats:

Toronto resident

McGill GPA: 3.88

UT GPA (best 2 years): 3.89

Western (best 2 years): 87.7%



AA: 21

PAT: 20

Reading: 20

Carving: 5


I am mainly interested in the 3 dental schools (McGill, UT, Western) listed above. Would you guys recommend re-writing the DAT and trying to improve my scores (especially carving) to apply abroad? To be honest, I don't like the idea of going somewhere in western canada. Do you think I have a decent chance of getting into at least 1 of these schools?

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