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Princeton Review Hyperlearning MCAT Books for sale


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The following are for sale for $100:


Hyperlearning MCAT In-Class Compendium 2010 (contains practice problems usually done in class but a great way to test sectional knowledge if you're studying on your own)

Hyperlearning MCAT Physical Sciences Review 2010 (Physics and General Chemistry)

Hyperlearning MCAT Biological Sciences Review 2010 (Biology and Organic Chemistry)

Hyperlearning MCAT Verbal & Writing Review 2010



In addition, I am willing to sell the workbooks from 2009, but I have written all over the Science one, not so much in the Verbal. The verbal book is practically blank except for about 15-20 passages out of nearly 50-60. This will be an extra $20.


So, that would be $120.00 for the review and workbooks, but only $100 for the review books.


This price is negotiable. Message me if you are interested. Most convenient place would be the University of Calgary to carry out a safe and efficient transaction. I will definitely try to mailout the books but I would rather do an upfront transaction.


Thanks for reading, everyone. Remember, that these books are not for sale at Chapter's or anything and can only be gotten if you take the course with Princeton Review, and they're great review books. The detail is tremendous and the explanations for concepts are amazing too. :)

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