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Just wanna make sure, is this the right book? I only ask because it's dated 2008 so just wanted to make sure that this is still the latest edition




That's the one I have :) (Although, looking at the price, I can't believe how much I got hosed at the UofA Bookstore last year:mad:. I need to start looking for books well ahead of time so I don't get hosed....)


Just a word of warning though: the VR scale is wrong in the back of the book (they use the old number of questions they had in the previous edition- before the MCAT went CBT and the VR section had more questions). So you'll have to go onto the Examkrackers website to get the proper conversion chart. (Gave me a heart attack the first time I took a VR test last year... it basically converted to like a 2 or 3 and I was like "oh sh!te... I'm screwed" and then I realized that there were not 60 questions:p. Still converted to only a 6, but it was marginally better than a 2! lol.)


I found using EK 101 really helped me with the verbal. I'm hoping that if I can do more this year, I'll rock it even more (ended up with an 11VR- so a substantial improvement from the 6 on the first EK test! lol). I found it helped to go through ALL the questions- even the ones I got right so I'd understand why my thinking was correct. Dunno if you think that would help you or not.


Good luck!

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