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Hey guys!


I have a bit of an issue which I hope some of you can help me with. So here it goes:


I have completed my first year at Carleton university. Right now I have 5.0 credits. I always saw myself living in Canada but until last week my future has taken for the better and for worse (temporarily at least) . I recently got my green card for the United States and right now I have the option to extend my stay here in Canada for another two years and thats it.


This means that I have to somehow finish a 20.0 credit bachelors program within 2 more years. I am enrolled in an honors program but from what I gather I don't think I can finish an honors program within 3 years since the honors seminar courses are usually not offered during summer (Could be wrong about this). But an honors degree does have its own advantages such as preparing you for graduate schools and I have yet to research but from what I hear some medical schools actually give you extra points for having an honors degree.


So I have two choices right now.


a) Either I talk to my school counselor in helping me pick courses that will enable me to still pursue and finish an honors program within two more years.


B) I end up taking higher level courses and eventually having 20.0 worth of credits and end up not having an honors designation which will comprise my other alternative career or graduate school choices.


I apologize in advance for my lengthy post but I would really appreciate if pm101 members can give me some input before I talk to a counselor.

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If Carleton doesn't offer enough courses in the summer that will count towards your honours degree (and you have your summers free to take a full or almost-full course load), definitely look at a letter of permission to take courses at another university.


I know Guelph offers a lot of courses during the summer - including distance ed courses. Athabasca is another university with a lot of distance ed courses - many of which will count towards an honours degree (although for lab courses you will need to go to Alberta for a week or so to do the labs).


Even check out Carleton's summer offerings. I know when I was doing my first degree at Guelph, I took Calculus via letter of permission at Carleton during the summer, since I was living at home and working in Ottawa.


Good luck, and definitely consult with your program counsellor/advisor. He/she will be able to help you with course selection and advise you on letter of permission possibilities.

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Woo Carleton!


I know 2 people who did their honours degree in 3 years. In 1st year, they took all their pre-reqs (1000 level courses) in the summer between 1st and 2nd year, they took 5 2000 level courses. In the 1st semester of 2nd year, they finished up their 2nd year courses (5) and in the 2nd semester, they took 5 3000 level courses. In the summer between 2nd and 3rd year, they took 5 free electives. In their 3rd year, it was basically like they were a 4th year and they did their seminars, thesis project, 4000 level courses, etc. Basically, for 3 solid years they didn't have a break, but it can be done.

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