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Hi there! I am giving out FREE furniture and they are bought ALL FROM IKEA. I put this on craiglist as well. But , I thought I might as well give it to my colleagues =) who needs it.


The furniture is in TORONTO DOWNTOWN that is only 15 minutes away from the St George Campus of University of Toronto =) I am currently not in Toronto right now and therefore, i need people to pick up these furnitures. These furnitures are only 2 years old :) .


I am only giving it out if these following criterias are met :


1) You must move them out in the last week of July (preferrably July 30- 31 since that will be my last date of contract)

2) The furniture will be cleared but you must dissemble them yourself and take it away yourself!

3) I AM GIVING OUT a bed frame, a desk, a bookshelf, and a small dresser only and the only thing i want is my mattress and my chair! I do have a box of books with these furnitures. I WILL ONLY GIVE MY FURNITURES OUT FOR FREE IF YOU AGREE TO BRING THE MATTRESS AND WORKCHAIR BACK AT THE END OF AUGUST . (It will be at Downtown area that you bring the mattress, chair, and possibly a box of books) . I know this sounds awkard, but I hope you acknowledge this because I want to rent for storage for one month and therefore, this will save me some money. By that, I will agree to give out my furnitures for free.


Please contact me if interested


littlestar0215@hotmail.com (i read my email inbox everyday , so please let me know).






Single bed$179.00

MALMBed frame



shelf (billy) $79.99



desk (galant) $219.99



drawer3 drawer chest



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The rent isn't THAT bad...then again, I'm renting from asian folks, so the places may seem sketchy. I'm living quite literally, across from the bookstore, and the rent is roughly 600 - I'd consider my rent at the cap end of things, but my friend's got a place that's sketchy, but rent is around 400. Location is roughly 5 minutes further.


So you really want to look around in person- not just in the ads.

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