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Question about Minimum GPAs Applying to Med schools in Ontario?


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I've been poking around the med forums trying to find an answer to this question primarily for a friend. Haven't been able to find it so I figured I'd ask it here and would appreciate any help.


The question is: For the 6 ontario med schools, although they have respective cutoffs for GPA to apply, has this cutoff ever been circumvented in the context that some unique applicants have been invited for interviews with GPA below the posted cutoff?


For example, my friend is looking to apply but trying to determine the chances for an interview. Assuming they were a grad applicant with both a MSc and PhD... would the respective cutoffs at the schools still apply if they were just shy of the cutoff?


For example, I know Mac and U of T requires you to have a 3.0 to even have your application considered however I recognize that applicants accepted have far more competitive grades than a 3.0. I just thought that perhaps if they had extenuating circumstances ... that it might afford them the opportunity to interview if they explained their situation to the ad com?


Any info would be greatly appreciated and again.... not for me since I'm going into the dental route. For everyone else that is applying to Meds or have been accepted... good luck and congratulations.



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