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Applying to Med School after attending The Michener Institute

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Are there people here who have completed a diploma/degree program at The Michener Institute and wish to apply for med school or have already gone this route? I just finished the Radiological Technology program at Michener (after a 4-yr undergrad degree at UofT) and now I'm thinking of med school. Any tips from people who have gone before me or anyone else in the same boat?

I know for a fact that there were people who graduated from Michener from one of the Bachelor of Medical Radiation Sciences programs (ie. Nuc Med, Rad. Therapy, Rad. Tech) and gone into med school but unfortunately, I don't know them personally.

I'd like to know if med schools will look at GPAs from both degrees, if there's a time frame within which that I should apply to med school, etc. Any advice would be great!

I'm thinking of attempting the MCAT in 2011, applying to med school for 2012 intake.

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Raddietech - did you like the program? I am thinking about switching to it and taking the rad tech discipline. Did you find the marking process ok? Is it reasonable to attain an average suitable for professional school applications?


The med schools will likely look at your first undergrad for sure - and maybe the uoft/michener one? I have no idea.


Good luck!

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Hey Raddietech826,


I am actually in second year Rad Tech right now and applying to med is actually the main reason I entered this program (I also finished a 4 year undergrad at UofT in 2009).


If you're still interested in finding out about how to go about this (I know a couple of things), feel free to pm me.


- Applemanv3

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I dont think they are counted..they took out "education" gpas couple of years ago...its all undergrad based


The med rad sci program at UofT/Michener is an undergrad science program - one graduates with a BSc in medical radiation sciences and an advanced diploma from michener in whatever specialty you're in (rad tech , nuc med, rad therapy). It's a professional science-based program and not the same as a B.Ed. As far as I know, the gpa counts.

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