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2nd year course selection at York feedback appreciated!

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Hey guys, Friday is my course selection day and I was hoping to get some feedback from 3rd and 4th year York students who may have some input on the courses I’m going to take this year. I’m also a Biomedical Science Major if that’s of any help.


My courses 1st semester


Cell Biology and Biochemistry I (Terrance J. Kubiseski)

Animals (Andrew Donini)

Organic Chemistry (Edward Lee-Ruff or Pierre G Potvin) Doesn’t specifiy

Ecology (Christopher Lortie)



My Courses 2nd semester


Cell Biology and Biochemistry II (Patricia Lakin-Thomas)

Genetics (Joel S Shore)

Organic Chemistry (full year course same professor)

2 Electives


I’m thinking of possibly applying to USA for med school if I’m not cut for med school in Canada and from what I know, one of the pre-reqs is English. I read from http://www.premed101.com/forums/showthread.php?t=41445 that you need to take a 6 credit English course for it to count and I was wondering if anyone could verify this or if taking 2 3-credit courses would satisfy this requirement. (I was thinking AP/EN 1001 3.00 An Introduction to Literary Study and AP/EN 1002 3.00 Intertextualities or GL/EN 1520 6.00 The Literary Text: Genres and Approaches as it is the only first year 6-credit course (which I assume is easier))


I’m also wondering if I should take Ecology. It’s a 4 credit course with a lab component meaning I’d have 4 labs during first semester, 3 hours each (ouch). From what I know, I don’t really need it as pre-req, but a few people told me it’s relatively easy and I was wondering if this was true? I’m not really sure what other courses for electives (GPA boosters) to take so I’d be up for any recommendation from forum members! Thanks guys!

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