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On 11/5/2010 at 5:43 AM, albinoblackbear said:

Macballa--I am a 2nd year Canadian studying in Limerick.


The pros are definitely the anatomy program--we have REALLY good, clinically based instruction in that regard.


The school is not so hot in the pharm/micro/biochem department, which they are trying to ameliorate. S l o w l y.


The nice thing is, it is only a graduate program so you are not joining a stream of undergrads as a 2nd year in a 6 yr program (i.e. surrounded by 18 year old classmates that are in their 2nd year of university/medical school).


We do write the PPI and score better or on par with Canadian/Auz schools, so that is nice to see. The early patient contact program is essentially a 'make work and essay' project. The campus is beautiful (and the nicest part of the area--Limerick itself is a dive IMHO).


It's a bunch of eye-gouging hurdles to come back to Canada--especially if you want to do something other than GP or IM (and if you don't feel like signing a ROS to Ontario or SK for 5 to 7 years respectively). Though things are apparently changing so in the next 5 years a lot of that could improve.


I am planning to write the USMLE and study in the US for the above reasons. More opportunities for IMGs there.


If you have to leave Canada, Limerick is probably the best choice in Ireland. Overall the program is quite good, I think. Ask me again in 2 years when I am trying to match in North America! :)

Did you match? if yes, where?

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