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Western BMSc and other textbooks - first and second year


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Selling these books that I used in my first two years. Some books for science at UWO.

Selling textbooks for best offer. Beside it are the prices at Western bookstore so make reasonable offer.

Will arrange to meet on campus


First Year


Psych 1000 Textbook

Psychology Frontiers and Applications Third Canadian Edition

Passer Smith Atkinson Mitchell Muir

ISBN 0070985928

Practically new

UWO Bookstore Price: $142.95


Biophysics 1028a/1029b Textbook

Physics for the Life Sciences

Martin Zinke-Allmang

ISBN 0176442596

Practically New - with student solutions manual (ISBN 0176472762)

UWO bookstore Price: $199.95



Second Year


Microimm 2100a Textbook

Brock Biology of Microoganisms Twelfth Edition

Madigan Martinko Dunlap Clark

ISBN 0132324601

Good Condition

UWO Bookstore Price: $159.95


Biochemistry 2280a

Essential Cell Biology Third Edition

Alberts Bray Hopkin Johnson Lewis Raff Roberts Walter

ISBN 9780815341291

Brand new

UWO Bookstore Price: $152.95


Organic chemistry 2213a/2223b

Introduction to Organic Chemistry Third Edition

William Brown Thomas Poon

ISBN 0471707643

Brand New with student solutions manual

UWO Bookstore Price: $143.95


Accepting reasonable offers

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