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August 12 MCAT writers


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I took it Aug 12th but just posted in the Aug 13th thread since I didn't find any for my actual date.


As I've said, it's my first time writing and got a 9PS/10VR/10BS ®. I really don't know how to feel about my score, could have been higher but given I had limited time to study for it, I guess it's okay?


What do you guys think?

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I wrote on August 12th as well. My first time I wrote it (last summer) I got a 8PS/9BS/10VR P and this time around I got 10PS/10BS/9VR Q. I just don't really know what to do next. Western is out and so is Queens. I really don't feel like writing this beast for a 3rd time. I'm thinking of applying to Mac and UofT, hopefully with the heavy CASPer weight I can get an interview.


Any suggestions on next steps?

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12 VR

14 PS

15 BS





I got a 36R the first time and knew it wasn't my best showing. I know it sounds ridiculous but my GPA isn't stellar so I wanted to do as well as I could, so I retook it. I did far better than I ever thought I could this time around!


Wrote it in Halifax, NS, and found that it was pretty similar to the AAMC practice tests, though the verbal passages seemed a lot longer. I remember starting to freak out a little near the end of the 60 mins during the verbal test.


And no, I'm not making this up, as the troll-ish post below might suggest. I'd post the online report thing if it didn't have all my personal info in one spot.


This doesn't even make sense... unless your 36 R is unbalanced, no sane person in this world would write it again, especially when most schools in Canada only use the MCAT as a cutoff.

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I got 12PS / 10 VR / 10 BS and P. I think in general, over 29 should be a decent competitive score for most Canadian med schools.




Not as good as my practice exam average, but I'm happy with my score. I ended up writing it one more time on September 2 because I didn't think I did as good as I could, so I'm waiting for one more score :P

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