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In a dilemma, appreciate some advice :)


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Hello Everyone,


I've lurked around these forums for quite a while, but wanted to come on here for some advice. I think I'm at the cross-roads at this point in my life, and was wondering if I could possibly get some opinions / guidance, as to what I should do next..


I'm currently finishing up my undergrad at queens, although the journey to get there was not so pretty. Due to some really overwhelming personal problems, I was only able to do a full course load in my first year, which I got a 3.65 average. My stats are below:


Year 1: 3.65 OMSAS GPA

Year 2: took only 2 half-year courses (C+ and an A)

Year 3: took only 5 half-year courses (all As)

Year 4: took 8 half-year courses (mostly As), but not a full course load

Year 5: took only 3 half-year courses (A+, B+, A)

Year 6 - Current (Full Course Load)


To be honest, I feel too old now, and wonder if I should just throw in the towel. My question is whether or not I should do a full course load this year, then do a record 7th year to include some of the pre-reqs so I can space it out, since I won't be able to fulfill the pre-reqs all this year (Orgo, Phys, BioChem). I'm trying to keep my options open for U.S. / OOP Medical Schools by doing so, but I heard med schools don't look at this favourably (taking too long to complete your undergrad) if someone can give some light into this?


OR, the other option was doing a second undergrad degree, but there is no guarantee that I will get in, and I think its very risky to limit myself to two schools (queens and western) that have those calculations. I'm thinking of getting a Masters Degree instead, and then doing the pre-reqs online or something like that.. but from what I gather, its not that advantageous to get a masters these days for med school applications..


If anyone can chip in, it would be appreciated.



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I am taking another extra year for undergrad and it will take me 7 years to finish my degree. If knowing this makes you feel you are not alone.


First two years of mine was full course load but those was in China so cant use them anyways. And only my last year was full course load in Canada. I will take another full course load year next year, which I figured takes the least time and best outcome comparing to a 2nd degree or a master program.


Dont feel old, you are not alone. Just two more years and try hard to get the best result out of it. Good luck

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Wow, I honestly thought I was the only one in this situation. By the time I'm done, I think it will have taken me about 6 years to finish my degree.


1st year: 4.0 courses

2nd year Fall semester: 1.5 courses

3rd year Winter semester: 2.0 courses

4th year (current) 4.5 courses

my 5th and 6th years will be taking the rest of my core credits and electives.


I too had some overwhelming personal problems (chronic illness) and had to take a winter and fall semester off in 2009.


So I am also "feeling too old" to try, (on top of the undergrad I took a year off after high school and went to college for 2 years before university).


I don't know if your name (queens_87) represents that you go to Queen's and you were born in 1987, but if it helps, I go to Queens, I was born in 1986, and I will still be applying when I'm done (2+ years away).


I know the feeling of it being risky to apply to only 2 schools (I am planning on only applying to queen's - family reasons, can't move anywhere else for now!). But if you can make yourself a really strong applicant this year and next, with a full course load, then I don't think it should matter whether you apply to 1 school or 20. I think you should pick some schools to focus on rather than trying to cast your net too broad, so to speak. If you were to focus only on Queens or Western, then see where you are in relation to what is needed for those schools (ie. For Queen's pre-req's, you can take 1.0 credit in 1st year geology or 1.0 zero level physics course and you will have filled the physical science pre-req! You'll have to be comfortable with self studying for physical science on the MCAT though). Also, if you apply to Queen's, their definition of a full course load is 3.0 credits per semester (opposed to 5.0 per semester)


Anyhow, that's my 2 cents, I hope it helps knowing you're not alone!

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