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Will shadowing dentists help my application?


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hmm, well, I think it depends what spin you give to it, how you market it.


It would appear to me that you were exposed to communication skills between healthcare professionals (who happen to be dentists) and their patients - and you saw how they reduced the anxiety level of their patients, how they explained what they were about to do, that the patient would just feel a pinprick and then pressure but no pain etc.


So, there is no question in my mind that this was a valuable learning experience for you. If it is described simply as shadowing a dentist, then mattg could well be right. It comes down to how you deal with it so as to become something positive in your aplication. For sure, this is of far greater value than volunteering in a hospital in the gift shop or directing entrants how to find their way.


As with so much in life, the devil is in the details. And you will be able to give it a positive spin with some creativity. This definitely is not time poorly spent. You watched how attention to detail is so very important in healthcare, etc.

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