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How to tell if they've received LoR?

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I submitted and it's still not letting me check. How do I ?
When you log in, it should say:


What Now?


Please note that you can no longer make changes to your application online.


If you would like to review the information you submitted for your application and/or reprint your referee forms' date=' click here.


[b']If you would like to verify the receipt of your application fees, MCAT, referees or transcripts click here. [/b]


To advise OMSAS of changes to your personal or referee information, or to respond to offers of admission, click here to use the Secure Applicant Messaging Tool.


To order transcripts (from Ontario institutions only) using the online Transcript Request Form, click here.

You click that and you can see if the LORs are outstanding or not.
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I submitted late last night but the option to view documents which have been received is not there yet. Is there a bit of a lag time from when you submit until when that option is available?


Yep there is, i originally didn't have the option but now do. They probably have to just process the fact that you're completed.

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