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University of Saskatchewan admission Stat


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I was looking at their website and it seems that they consider people with 89% GPA competitive.


"What is a competitive academic average?

A. The mean academic average of students accepted into the program is around 89%."


Given that there is ONLY 6 Spot for out of Province students and that an A from other provinces is Only 88 ( which I think is quite low for schools from Alberta) and also, since it is less competitive for Saskatchewan residence, they probably have a lower GPA than 89%,


What is a competitive average for Out of Province Students? I guess they have to have All As and few A+ ??!!

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Stats for 6 accepted OOP in 2010:


Mean Average = 87.52%

DAT – 19.67 (Academic Average); 24 (Carving); 20.83 (Perceptual Ability); 21 (Reading Comprehension)


Thank you eugenius


May I ask where you got this information from ?


Thanks for sharing it.

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