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Converting 30credit hours to UCalgary


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Hi all,


*please note, I searched the forums about this and found this but no one actually posted the answer. If someone could spare me the call to the admissions office I would be grateful.


Problem: how do you enter the 30 credit hour system to Ucalgary if the course weights are strange because of labs or independent study?


if : 1 semester course = 3 credit hours = 0.5 UCalgary

can we then do the calculations such that

2 cr hrs is 0.3333 UCalgary

4 cr hrs is 0.6666 UCalgary etc...?

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I called. They were quite understanding as this was left out of their FAQ.


They said that for 30 credit systems with odd course weights, to do the calculation.



6 credits = 1.0 Ucalgary

4.5 credits = 0.75 Ucalgary

4.0 credits = 0.67 Ucalgary

3 credits = 0.5 Ucalgary

2 credits = 0.33 Ucalgary


Good luck to everyone!

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