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A random question - places to learn to play hockey


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Just ask Ron Wilson if you can join up with the leafs [sic]. You may even bring some talent and knowledge to the team.


To the OP: If you know the basics (the rules) then look up if there's a beer league in your area. Generally, the hockey's pretty relaxed and they don't mind picking up new players.

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I was wondering if anyone knows where young adults (20s) could learn to play hockey in Toronto?..Never played it but sort of want to try it out before I get too old to start!!

Any tips, info?


Try going to shinny at your local rink; everyone's usually pretty friendly, and the best way to learn the game is to play!


Additionally, Canlan in Etobikoke is fairly close to Toronto, and they have something called the ASHL: the Adult Safe Hockey Leaugue. You should check it out!

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