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Believe it or not but disscusions on SDN suggest that the curves for each sitting are determined before you even write it. A harder test would therefore have a more lenient curve and vice versa. I believe that the only way AAMC would be able to judge how difficult a test is would be with the use of their experimental questions. So it shouldn’t really matter how strong of a group that writes with you that day since the curve is predetermined.

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It definitely does not depend on the people you write with that day. I don't know if it's predetermined, or if that's done after, but it's based on the history of the test as a whole.


Another point: it is NOT a bell curve. People keep posting that. I want to sticky the wiki stub on what a bell curve is. The MCAT isn't even close to bell curved.


The "curve" or scale, at most varies by a couple questions. So a 14 in BS on one day might be 50-51 out of 52, and might just be 51 the next, or 49-51.


It's not at all what most people think of when they think bell curve.

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