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Family Med vs. Rural Family Med


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Can anyone elaborate on the differences? Or guide me to a source which would give me more information? Thanks!

I'm not sure if it's a college of family physicians' guideline or a Mac family med guideline, but in our program, the definition of a rural site for residency training is based on:

1. Size of community must be less than a certain population (Not sure the size..but something relatively "small town")

2. Location of community must be certain driving time from a tertiary centre (30 minutes I think?)

3. Community has a hospital

4. Preceptors for the residency program must practice "comprehensive care" which includes at least: (a) office practice (B) active hospital admitting privileges as MRP © at least one of - ER work, anesthesia, obstetrics.

5. If the primary preceptor doesn't do ER and obstetrics, it is ideal if the preceptor's practice group includes docs who do ER and obstetrics and are willing to supervise residents in these domains via family medicine.

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