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21Q MCAT - worth applying????


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Hello. Well, I had my application pretty much ready to go and then I got my MCAT mark, 21Q. That would give me 2 points for MCAT.


Basically I decided this spring to try out the medical route, picked up some books and began studying without having taken 75% of the courses recommended for the MCAT and having been out of school for 6 years now.


My GPA is 3.43. This Jan will be 5 years in the military and I have a ton of extracurricular activities including a tour to Afghanistan. I would be considered an IP.


Any suggestions?

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Although trying and not giving up is praise-worthy. I think you guys should be smart and look at the cutoffs so you are not wasting your money. I suggest you look at the pre-interview cut-offs for MCAT and GPA before you apply. Take smart chances and not dumb chances. Our class has 170 people, 600 interviewed, look at Dr. Walker's graphs.

I wish you guys luck but I also hope you do your homework first before applying.



Class 2013

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