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Should I try applying the McGill?


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Hi, I was wondering if I have a decent chance of getting into McGill? Here's what's going for me:


34.1 R Score (I'm on my 3rd semester ATM)

Have done tutouring

On student's council

Going to join Refugee sponsorship program this semester

Going to volunteer and a couple hospitals this semester

Play in the school's badminton, tennis, and squash clubs


Would I have to do more to have a chance at McGill? And could someone please link me to the format that reference letters must be in? Thanks very much :)

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You should definitely give a shot... If you can make it to the interviews, everything becomes possible.


My hints for the admission process :


-Take your time writing the required documents

-Think about yourself and why YOU want to become a physician and undertake a very long and demanding process ?

-Any relevant experiences with medicine ?

-Think about actual and future problems that our society must deal with (assisted suicide...BP oil spill...population that is aging...)

-Reading the news is never a bad thing.

-McGill will provide a brunch + a diner for candidates before and after the interviews ! Isn't life beautiful ? :) There was food for 50 persons when we were like 20... McGill has conquered my stomach first and then it has easily conquered my heart !

-I've taken a walk before each time I started to write my QAS (Laval's Essay) or McGill's letters. It has really helped me to calm down and to write clear ideas

-Complete your process at the last minute = BAD IDEA ! You have a lot of time in front of you !

-Seek out for Med school interview's question list(Should be available somewhere on the board). It it a really good way to learn about yourself.

-Think about each activity that you've done and what you've learned from it !

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Who is the terrorist? :D




Didn't you see it on the news a few months ago? The guy was arrested for planning terrorist attack (possibly in Montreal metro), and he also went on Canadian Idol too ;p lol, He did his medicine at McGill.


He is a graduate of the McGill University medical school and completed his pathology residency in June.


I am just wondering if it's a coincidence that he was in a speciality that has no contact with patients. But anyway, Yes... that guy... got accepted into McGill, what were the admission criteria again? :D

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repede you made a great post which illuminates both the benefits and disadvantages of U/T. As you said if you can make the top 10%, the world is your oyster and no doubt, most of the top h.s. students who choose U/T believe they will be in the top 10%. I chose a no name university with a program about which I was enthusiastic and could have obtained a B average virtually with my eyes closed. However, to obtain straight As, I had to work hard always, which was not a problem. Had I gone to U/T, I believe I would have been much lower than the top 10%. My program was most challenging and I learned a lot. I could have taken t he Honours program but felt that my grades would have suffered, like my chances for med would be reduced pro tanto. So, we need to know ourselves well and have a sense of what will work for us and then go after our dream. I wish you every success.


airware9: perpahs, lol, there is a quiet and comprehensive background investigation being conducted on the adcoms responsible for accepting this student.

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