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Fantasy Basketball anyone?


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Well its the time of the year again. =D The NBA season is coming up pretty soon and I just thought it'd be cool to start a fantasy bball league with fellow pm101-ers. It'll be via Yahoo!


Let me know if you are interested!


ps. Who do you think is gonna win the championship this season? (Miami?? :D)

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I'm playing on the realgm heat forum yahoo fantasy league. I think it's full though. If people here actually watch we could get a premed basketball fantasy going :D.


I've been a Heat fan for years. So I hope we can win a ring and Wade wins mvp awards.


P.S: I hate bandwagon heat fans! pisses the hell out of me when someone says there a Heat fan because we have a shot at winning a ring or because LeBron came :mad:.


I hope a Heat vs Lakers final this year!

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