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Curious about Prerequisites.


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I just want to confirm something, I am currently a non-science major in my second year of university.

I have completed most of my prerequisites in CEGEP, when I was a health science student. I wasn't a great student. I had potential but I didn't trust myself to have the confidence in my abilities to do well in my science courses compared to my peers-- it all came down to just passing.

By the time university came around, I started off on a clean slate. I wanted to take a break and focus on learning on what my interests are in for a while. Restructured my studying habits. I'm doing really well now, I became more confident about starting to really pursuing medicine for myself and myself only.


But what bothers me is that my marks for cegep are not spectacular. Will universities (maybe the states too) consider those marks when it comes to calculating my CGPA or will they just check it off their checklist that I've completed it off? I spoke with someone who is applying this cycle and she claims that most medical schools (maybe all) take the marks into account. =( Is this true?


I'm just seeing my options.


Thank you for your time.

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