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Applying to Grad schools!

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Hey guys!


I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice about applying to grad school. I am a LITTLE overwhelmed!!!


I intend to apply to med school next year (after my graduation) but since the application takes one year, I don't know what I should do in this year. I am considering starting a masters (even though I wish it wasn't two years!) and then applying during my second year, just because I don't really want to take any time "off" and because I've been working at the lab and kind of liking what we do. My fear is that if I wait one year for my med school application results and I dont get in, then I will have to waste another year applying and during this time, I could have potentially finished a masters but then how would i knowwww!


How do you choose your program? how many do you apply to? How early should I start? If I am applying this year (during my 4th year), does my 4th year GPA count?


Also, what is the deal is with the IMS at UofT and how it is different form the other departments? What is the advantage of getting into it since their admission is a little tougher than other programs? Does the program even matter?


Any input is very much appreciated!!

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There are one year Master's programs, check the posts of small_town_girl.


Everything we do in life carries a risk. Taking a year off could be just what the doctor orders, perhaps taking a course or you are are missing for certain med schools, relaxing, doing some travel, perhaps research, continuing volunteering and ECs - making yourself a stronger candidate.


Sure, if you don't get in then, you will question your decision, however, you shall have been able to apply earlier and it seems that it is getting tougher every year, not easier.

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Keep in mind that some medical schools require you to complete your graduate degree before starting medical school. Also, some medical schools require a reference letter from the graduate supervisor where they state that they are aware that you are applying to medical school and when you are expected to graduate. Look up the medical schools you are interested in and see what their graduate applicant policies are.


A 1 year master might be good:



For a thesis-based graduate program, just a little advice, please don't do it as ONLY a back-up for medicine. Only do it if you are really interested in research. For these graduate programs, you need to look up researchers or Principal Investigators (PI) whose research you're interested in.


Apply for scholarships and fellowships (CIHR, NSERC) at the same time too. PIs are more likely to accept you if you have your own funding.


If you have any more questions about it, just PM me. I am finishing my PhD so I have many stories to tell (both fun and frustrating).

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