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Last two years GPA

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Last two years full time courseload, unless you have graduated. In that case you have the option of having them use your best 3 out of 4 full time years.


Is this true? I'm wondering because my first three years are full time but my fourth year (BScN) is not. This semester I have a double weighted clinical course and two lectures (so "4" courses at best) and then next semester, a double weighted clinical placement and a double weighted lecture (so another "4" at maximum) . . . I was wondering if this last year would make me ineligible for Dal???

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What's a good competitive OOP 2 year? And does anyone know if they accept/how they approach special years (i.e. extra year after you have already graduated?




I'm not sure how they approach special years, but basically if you surpass the 3.75/4.0 cut off you are going to get a good academic score. From there it comes down to you ECs and your essay which seem to be a big separator between interview and no interview.


From what I saw there was no substantial edge to having a 4.0 vs 3.8, or at least no edge in comparison to other schools.

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