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Toronto offers one...McGill offers a similar version, i feel like calgary also has one now.

Another common option is for someone to a distance masters from an Amercian or European (sorry I can't rem specifically where) university but base it at their home school...but I think this is depending on whether your home school (where you are doing residency) has the necessary faculty support and program to allow you to do this.


Oh and I think for the most part they will accept you if you have a supervisor and have a proposal thought out...it's like any other Master's application. However, it depends on if you want to do a thesis or course based masters...at U of T, I think it's course based...and you get a M Ed., but I think that if it's a MA, then it is a thesis based masters, it just depends on your personal preference...I know many clinicians who have done the program through U of T.

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