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Marks from Master's - do they count as one year or two?

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I'm in the third year of my Master's. I took 4 courses in my first year (got an average of 3.925), none the second year, but have been a full time student the entire time.


Their handbook says "Those students enrolled in advanced degrees may count full-time study in their degree provided at least one-half (½) course has been completed and a grade has been awarded during the year(s) of full-time study."


Does that mean


1) That since I took at least one half course over my Master's, I can count 3.925 as my average for both years.


or 2) That I need 0.5 credits each year. 3.925 is for 1 year, but then I need to use a 3.81 from undergrad?


Also, anyone else in this scenerio?


For me if it's 1, I'll most likely have an OOP file review, and if it's 2, I might not... (453 vs 449.5)



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