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q about being considered in-province

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On the U of M website, the following is stated:

◦Manitoba pool -- Must have graduated from a Manitoba High School or lived continuously in Manitoba for at least 2 years immediately prior to entry to the Faculty of Medicine.

My question is, does "entry to the faculty of medicine" refer to the start of medical school academic year or the time you are accepted? The reason I ask is because I have lived in Manitoba continuously for a year and wanted to know if during my second year of living here my application would be considered in-province.

I would also like to know how they check if you are in-province. I have gone to U of M for the past 3 years but only have lived here for one summer, is there anyway they can prove that I have not lived here continuously in previous summers? Do they check travel history to see if I left Manitoba for a larger period than acceptable? I can prove that I rented an appartment/lived with family friends in Manitoba during other summers.

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the guy refuses to answer his phone and does not respond to my emails. they may as well have an ape stationed as the program assistant.


An FYI: Our admissions person quit last year and we are in a hiring freeze, so someone who already had a full-time job in the faculty had to take over this job as well. Cut him some slack, he's a busy guy. That said, I'm sure he's not actually refusing to answer his phone, and if you kept trying you'd get ahold of him.


If you're getting desperate and want an answer, just get in the car and come to Bannatyne campus (if that's an option). You'll definitely have better luck getting an answer quick if you do it this way.

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