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McGill and URMs


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Just wondering - does McGill give any preference to URMs in medicine like American schools tend to? Has anyone who has completed the application (new or old) come across a 'please list your nationality' question?




Hi 123cookie123,


According to Mcgill's website, they seem to give some sort of preference to URMs but we don't know how this preference is applied in the application process. I think most schools give preference to URM but you have to be competitive enough to make it to the interview stage for them to tagg you as an URM. Uoft openly has a URM program that you can google. Thus far, I know of 8 URMs who were interviewed and admitted on first rounds (on may 15) in Ontario.


That being said, I do not know how wise it would to mention that you belong to a certain group in your ABS because the reader might dislike your group and use subjective reasoning to disqualify your app.


In short if you're a URM who meets the cut-offs, you should DEFINITELY apply!!!!


In addition to overseeing and assuring the fairness of the selection process for entry into medical school at McGill, the Office of Admissions is broadly responsible for the recruitment of talented individuals to our program, ensuring that this net is cast broadly across the communities we serve, and with attention to equitable representation of historically underrepresented groups within the medical school and the medical profession.


The Faculty of Medicine welcomes and encourages applications from students from all backgrounds, including students from underrepresented ethnic, cultural and racial groups, sexual minorities, and from all socio-economic backgrounds.


Ps. if you google around you'll figure out which groups are considered URM in Canada.


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