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Just curious about the path to critical care nowadays. I know in the past it was common to complete training in one discipline (gen surg, resp, etc) and then work in the ICU while also working in your original discipline.


Now that critical care is its own R4 from internal med, has this changed? Do many grads of these programs only do ICU work, and if so is it still the typical work for one week, then have 1-2 weeks off?


Finally, if some people still do training in one field and then take shifts in ICU, are there limits on which specialties are accepted? For instance, could you do heme/ICU?

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Entry points for a critical care fellowship include anesthesia, gen surg, internal medicine and emerg.


Most staff I know split their time between ICU and whatever area their base training is in.


If you wanted to do 2 subspeciaties you would need to do 2 fellowships eg. hematology and critical care.

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