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What specialty is everyone interested in?


What type of medicine are you interested in?  

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  1. 1. What type of medicine are you interested in?

    • Other (post below)
    • Anesthesiology
    • Ob/Gyn
    • Emergency Medicine
    • Family Practice
    • Internal Medicine
    • Psychiatry
    • Pediatrics
    • Surgery
    • I don't know

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Haha np I think they were just before you joined. I just figured if you were interested in some of the other posters opinions if they didn't show up this time. Plus the poll options don't really let you get most of the specialties in so the double-poll is nice.


Maybe you cant vote because I linked it to you and I already voted? Try searching "Dream Specialty" and see if that fixes it.


Personally when I think of specialties I can go through 10 different favourites in a month. I've had the most experience with EM and I think I'd like shift work and even a critical care fellowship but some of the other primary care spots look very appealing as well.


I didn't even consider diagnostics until I watched a video (I posted it on the radiology forum) with Ian Wong and some other radiologists explaining their career choice, and since then its been appealing to me, though I realized I won't know what I like best until I try it all. But for now I'd say EM or 2+1.

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Emergency medicine.... the jack of all trades!


but master of none :(


Although, I am interested in ER, FM or Ortho Surg (but...I can't handle the hours, it's way too much on call)


RadOnc is pretty neat, as is Radiology as well.


It's too early to deicde :confused:


But I know I don't wanna do pathology, dermatology or ophthalmology, lol

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Substance abuse, OCD, social anxiety, relationship problems, depression, depersonalization/de-realization, panic disorder, phobias, generalized anxiety disorder, psychosomatics, mental manifestations of physical disease, adjustment disorders, existential issues, religious/philosophical problems etc.


Basically, anything that makes you feel as if you're not living the best life you can (I'm not a big fan of the DSM's attempt to "scientize" psychiatry so to me, mental disorders are purely functional, if you're a happy, functional alcoholic, then I have no right to label you) which is why I appreciate your perspective; I have a strong belief that a lot of psychopathology arises from the hazardous lifestyles (12 hour work days being "normal") and beliefs (doctors are somehow higher in societal stature than plumbers, thus I have low value because I'm a plumber, rather than I have high societal value because of the positive effect I have on my family and community) we pick up here in the west.



Hey muse, what kind of problems would you like to treat as a Psychiatrist ? :)
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