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Accepted/rejected/waitlisted/deferred (Current applicants)

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Accepted! NL resident. Non-trad. Applicant GPA ~3.7 Undergrad: Pharmacy MCAT 29 ECs: lots   Wow. What a great feeling. This was my 4th time applying so don't ever give up!

Accepted off the waitlist at 12:30pm! NB applicant 2nd time applicant MCAT: 28 GPA: 3.87 I have always had my heart set on MUN and I'm so happy I get to be a part of the Class of 2019!! We are gonna

Third time is the charm for me as well!!! - NL Resident (previously NB) - Currently doing MSc in Clin Epi at MUN - GPA 4.0 - MCAT 29 (old) ; 505 (new)   SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! Cannot wait to meet ev

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83% GPA, 523 MCAT


ECs: mostly long-term, diverse, check my post in the interview invites thread for details

Interview: Felt really good! MMI questions were pretty standard. Got to showcase a lot of my unique experiences during the panel.

Will be declining.

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OOP (Canadian)


83% GPA, 518 MCAT

ECs: Long-term, diverse, a ton of employment experience

Interview: My first ever, so I was pretty stressed, although I felt that the MMI went pretty well and I enjoyed the panel. Got to mention a lot of my experiences in both.

Anyone know how much the waitlist generally moves for Canadian Applicants? 

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OOP (Ontario)


Timestamp: 9:57am EST

87% GPA, 516 MCAT

ECs: Long-term, diverse, lots of employment/awards in the social housing sector.

Interview: Had COVID during the interview, couldn't stop coughing. Held it together for the MMI, but just physically unwell for the longer panel portion.

Will be declining my waitlist position as I was accepted to UofA. @PopShoppeI think there will be a ton of movement this year, good luck ;) 

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25 minutes ago, med dad said:

Hi guys, waitlisted OOP candidate here. I only interviewed at MUN; so hoping for some good news. I know waitlisted candidates had a week to decline; is that the same for accepted candidates? @committed-premed @Ss123toy. Does anybody know of any OOP waitlist movement yet?

Yeah we have a week to decide! I'll be declining my offer Friday.

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