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1. Does a doc need to complete a residency to open a private cosmetic clinic?


2. How does a doc get the training necessary to practice cosmetic medicine safely? Stuff like botox, injections, etc


3. Can any doc from any residency do cosmetic medicine?


I don't know the answer to question #1, although I do know that any residency can do cosmetic medicine. Most of the training is through weekend courses, honestly believe it or not you can do botox after 2 days training lol. In terms of getting the equipment there are companies which will sell you product, give you samples, and do some additional training with you.

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I don't know whether you need to complete a residency, however, in the past year new restrictions on how physicians may advertise themselves have come into play. This was largely in the wake of the case in 2007 in which a woman died after having liposuction at a clinic run by a family physician advertising him/herself as a "cosmetic surgeon".


Now everything you have in your clinic, advertisements etc have to clearly state "Jane Smith, Family Physician practicing in Cosmetic Medicine".


Even if one can open a cosmetic medicine clinic (where you do procedures) without a residency currently (honestly, I doubt you can do this in Canada), I would be very surprised if this lasted very much longer.


Glad to see you've found your calling.


"C.R.E.A.M. it's the money, hundred dolla bills y'all!"

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A large number of players are joining the cosmetics bandwagon after realizing the potential in the cosmetics industry. This is resulting in a large number of brands and twice the number of cosmetic products. Customers are introduced to a large range of new and innovative products, thus making the task of choosing the right cosmetic product a difficult prospect. The key to gaining consumer attention is great packaging. Packaging can be critical for both the customer and the supplier of the product. Packaging not only prevents any damage or spoilage of a product, it also makes it simple for a potential customer to identity a product. A new package can make or break a marketing strategy. In cosmetic packaging, functionality can’t be sacrificed for pure style. While an eye-catching design can get you so far, it doesn’t serve any purpose if it doesn’t make the usage of a product convenient. Similarly you can make use of packaging that is appealing, but an appealing package significantly raises the overall cost of developing your cosmetics. The added extravagance may come out of your profit margin or be added to the sale price. Of course price can be a defining factor, but for that instant impact, it is the packaging that will help you stand out.. Cosmetic packaging designers who have worked within the industry have the experience to know exactly what consumers are looking for and will also ensure that any brand identifiers are carried through. These days, consumers know what they’re looking for and have specific expectations from products and their packaging.

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It’s a good thinking valentine….you have decide to open a private cosmetic clinic….starting a small cosmetic clinic is a good thinking….the cosmetic clinic is dedicated to helping you achieve the look we have always wanted.

If you are really passionate about having own cosmetic clinic and a great demand is there, then you make consult or to go cosmetic surgeon to take an advice of this work….


:) :) :)

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