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best two "completed full-time years"


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Hi all,


I've had a bit of a wonky schedule going thru undergrad and when looking over some gpa calculation methods of schools, I often see something like "or best two completed full-time years".


Does anyone have any thoughts/inputs/actually know if this usually means:


- 2 years (not necessarily consecutive, depending on school) of two consecutive full-time semesters




-if it means calculation from 2 years worth of full time semesters (ie best 4 full-time semesters) ?


I suspect it is the former but I'm not sure. Unfortunately my schedule has been bumped by half a semester for medical reasons and the way it has worked out is that my strongest semesters are either in the summer (so this wouldn't really meet the full-time criteria) or are a semester in a year paired with a not so great semester (balancing out to an "okay" year of two consecutive terms: fall & winter). That and my absolute best term (4.0, woohoo!) was my last undergrad semester (fall 2010, ie no paired semester for a year).


Would greatly appreciate thoughts.

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For Western, its best 2 years where 30 credits were completed between September to April session, 3/5 courses were at the level of study in your program and none of those courses were repeats of the ones you had done previously.


For Queens, its recent 2 years - September to April courses only (no spring/summer courses included in the calculation). Keep in mind that they calculate the cGPA first for the first batch of interview invites, if you do not meet the cutoff with the cGPA, they then calculate the GPA of the recent 2 years....if the cutoff is met on the recent two years, you are included in the second batch of interview invites.


That's pretty much the summary of those two schools in a nutshell.


Hope it helps!

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